Red Chilles

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Red Chilles


Red Chilies

lndia produces a vide range of red chillies.

Guntur Sannam chillies are world famous.

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Warangal Chatpatta : it is again a different variety of chilli which has less pungency moderate colour and a different taste, which is most commonly used in Indian is round and about 2 to 3 inches long.

Byadgi Cliillies: it is 4 to 5 inches; long and it has wrinkles around the chillies, it gives very dark colour with less pungency. Again a mix of this and warangal Chatpatta is used Commonly for Indian pickles.

Mundu Chillies: These Chillies are common in Tamil Nadu. This has moderate  pungency and moderate colour. So, in home consumption is huge on this chillies as there is no risk of either high colour or high pungency. It is round in shape and has a wonderful different  Aroma

Assam where jute bolokia (Ghost Chillies) and Bird’s eye Chillies, these are very small in size has a very high pungency, which were accredited as high pungent chillies in the world for so many years.

Bishop’s weed (Ajwain) - It is a pungent - aromatic spice, and it has a high medicinal values. hence it is used most commonly in'all veg. and non-veg. preparations.


Indian Chilli Varieties Available Location Decription
Kaddi Chillies Karnataka when dried, the skin is wrinkled red in color with aromatic mild pungency.
Ellachipur Sannam Chillies Maharshtra The ellachipur chillies are dark red in color when in dry state with very hot pungency.
Guntur Sannan Chillies Guntur The Guntur chillies are long with thin red skin with very medium pungency.
Teja Chillies Khammam High pungent & Red in colour
Hindpur Chillies Hindpur These chillies are extremely pungent and red in color.
Kanthari Chillies Kerala, Tamilnadu They are small, ivory white in color.
Mundu Chillies Tamilnadu They are roundish fruit with moderately pungent with yellowish red color.
Nalcheti Chillies Nagpur, Maharshrashtra The Nalcheti chillies are long, red in color when dried, with high pungency.
Warangal Chappatta Warangal These chllies are short, dark red in color when dried, with moderate pungency.


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