Red Chilli Powder is also known as lal mirch powder or lal mirchi powder. This is one of the most powerful hot spice which can easily affect the ears, tongue and stomach. That’s why it is used in the proportion and is adjusted with the green chillies.

This spice blend consists few types of dried red chillies, which further can be grounded to make a fine powder. This particular spice does not contain only the ground chillies, but it can be the mixture of various other spices such as oregano, paprika, salt, garlic powder, cumin and so on.

Indian food or Indian recipes are greatly known with this red chilli powder supplier in Hyderabad. The hot flavour of the chilli powder really enhance the recipes. There are hardly dishes which are served without using red chilli powder. You can easily get red chilli powder in the grocery stores but to select the best brand of the chilli powder is a matter of preferring quality.

At the time of buying always go for the superior quality of chilli powder. It would be advisable to read the labels of one of the most branded red chilli powder manufacturers and it should be taken care that the chilli powder does not included the free flowing agents and the additional preservatives.