Turmeric powder is a rich and bright yellow spice powder having the great use in Indian cooking. In Indian it’s being used since years to flavor and texture the food. This spice powder is basically created from dry turmeric Rhizomes.

The amazing aspect of turmeric is that it is useful for major reasons such as for coloring the recipes, flavoring the dishes, cosmetics and makeup purpose and also for the medicinal properties.

Turmeric is mainly famous with the name of Haldi. While going for turmeric, you must check out its color which is always bright yellow. Now a days turmeric is mixed in other colored ingredients to market several shades of it, but it is very important to check the best turmeric powder manufacturers and also have a check on the artificial mixing materials and color contents at the time of buying turmeric.

Turmeric is available in powder form. At the time of buying it, verify its freshness, color and quality of the turmeric as all the turmeric powder supplier in Hyderabad will not provide you with the best brand of the turmeric powder.